Our REACH Prayer: "Jesus, please give me your heart for people who don't know you yet. Help me to courageously do whatever it takes to reach them with your transforming love."

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Visions & Goals

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Our mission to help one another experience Christ’s transforming love is now exponentially expanding. As a church, we are called to REACH our neighbors and impact nations. We do not have to choose between the two, because we are called to REACH both with Christ’s transforming love.

Just as the men who carried their lame friend to the feet of Jesus, our pastors, elders, leaders and church family are courageously and sacrificially setting our hearts to do whatever it takes to REACH others for Christ. Together, we will see the Lord continue to fulfill the original vision He gave us in a fresh way.

As I’ve asked the Lord, “How should we together target our faith in this new season?”

He has expanded our vision to help lead our church family to become a multicultural, multigenerational, multisite church that REACHes exponentially more people with the transforming love of Christ. To state it simply, our 2020 Vision (the vision we hope to accomplish by the year 2020) is: 3 // 300 // 3,000.

• 3 ministry campuses
• 300 community groups
• 3,000 people being REACHed each weekend

As we begin this 36 month “REACH Project,” I’m challenging you to ask the Lord, “What is my part in REACHing this vital mission?”


Twenty-five years ago, the Holy Spirit gave a burden and vision to our founding pastor, Michael Cavanaugh, to establish a thriving local church that would REACH Livingston, Monroe and Ontario counties with the transforming love of Christ. In this strategic season, that very same vision has been entrusted to my care and I have the privilege of leading us towards that same vision. The Lord spoke very clearly to my heart when I agreed to serve as EGCs lead pastor that He would not only give me the wisdom to preserve this vision but also to pioneer new territory in it. We not only have a rich history to protect; together we have a radical destiny to pursue. Thank you so much for the value you already add to these communities. Anna and I believe that it is our honor and privilege to serve alongside you in this great adventure the Father has given us.

REACHing together,
Pastor Josh


Every week new guests come through our doors and new families move into our regional “circle of responsibility.” While we currently have room in our Lima campus to accommodate these guests, several families drive great distances to worship with us each weekend. These families are willing to make this sacrifice because of their love for our church, but those who live near them—their friends, family members and neighbors—whom they would love to invite, should not be expected to make that same sacrifice out of the gate.

Becoming a church that meets in multiple locations will help us to bring Christ’s transforming love closer to these spiritually searching individuals. Jesus tells His followers that the “harvest” is ready, and we believe Him!


Our goal for this project is to take what Jesus is doing in our church family and in the Lima area and REACH out with two additional campuses:

As we look at the significant number of our people who live north of our current Lima location, we desire to put a campus in the heart of where those people live. Intentionally REACHing out into more urban and ethnically diverse areas is a strategic directive the Lord has given us.
The town of Henrietta alone has over twenty times the population base of Lima, with so many unchurched and unREACHed people.
As we look to the southwest of our Lima campus, we see a large number of people traveling great distances to be a part of EGC and huge potential for growth. This region has a major university with over five thousand college students and a population base over six times that of Lima filled with young adults and families who could benefit from a campus location near them.


(click on a phase below to read more details)

This REACH Project will require all of our leaders and all who call EGC their church family to REACH out together. This mission is all about courageously choosing to put “others first”, recognizing that our generosity and sacrifice are simply a response to Jesus’ transforming love at work in our own lives.

Launch Phase

Any trip worth taking means not leaving until everyone is aboard! We’re communicating the REACH project vision to our church family and helping everyone envision an EGC future that is 3. 300. 3,000. That’s 1 church, meeting in 3 locations, with 300 community groups, and 3,000 people being reached with the gospel each weekend!

Multi-site Prep

In order to do multi-site church, we needed to get our sanctuary updated and upgraded with the right kind of equipment. In 2013 we expanded our technology and enhanced the service experience.

Henrietta Campus Phase

In the summer of 2014 we began meeting with our campus launch team at the DoubleTree hotel in Henrietta. This is such a strategic location with the traffic of 390 and Jefferson Rd intersecting at the end of their parking lot. We have an amazing partnership with the DoubleTree, and look forward to hosting services there for the foreseeable future.

Lima Campus Updates

Our Lima campus is in need of key upgrades that will make it more sustainable for years to come. Here you can expect to see upgrades in our Kids Ministry facility, kitchens, and other common areas.

Final Phase

Following the launch of our Henrietta campus, we will be getting ready to prepare for another campus location. Some new additions may be coming to the Lima campus and new teams will be developed as we lay the ground-work for our 3rd campus.

Get Involved

Interested in helping us build?

Three Things To Know Before Giving

Three Ways to Show Your Support

1. Make a Commitment

We’re asking everyone who believes in this vision, “Can you help?”
How much can you contribute above your normal giving? Become a partner
in what God is doing here through the REACH Project!


2. Make a Donation

You don’t have to commit to a pledge to help us build. Make a donation and keep
momentum going! Your continued financial support and prayers are what keeps
driving this movement towards its ultimate goal: to bring glory to God.


3. Corporate Matching

Many companies have a matching gift program; you give an amount, they
donate the same. All you have to do is ask and your workplace could double
or triple your impact! This chain reaction of growth and progress takes the
limits off what we can do together!

Thank You For Your Support!

Join us in building the vision that God has given our church. You can become a part of something much larger than all of us.
Make sure you take a moment to tell your story and how your involvement in this project has affected you and those around you!  We want
to hear from you now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know what's on your heart


With a vision as large as the one we have the Reach Project, it’s understandable that people will have some questions about the project. We’ve prayed, met and thought through as many of these questions as we thought might come up.

We also thought that it might be helpful if Pastor Josh Finley walked you through some of these FAQs. Hear his heart (and our own) as he explains some of the changes coming to Elim Gospel Church.



(click the questions below to read the answers)

What process did our leaders go through to develop this vision?

Regular prayer, fasting, reading, team discussions, professional consultation and meetings with other churches utilizing a multisite ministry model have been happening behind the scenes for a couple of years now. In 2012, we began working with a team of people who help churches develop an organized approach to accomplish their vision. As a team we were able to gain clarity on what we believe God is calling EGC to accomplish. Our eldership is in complete agreement on moving forward with this vision. Each of us felt very strongly that this is the season for our church family to take a new “mountain” and aggressively REACH out to expand God’s kingdom in our region.

What happens if we don’t raise all of the money that we need?

This is not just about raising “enough” money. This is about all of us personally engaging our faith and commitment with 2020 Vision of church family. We believe that if each of us prayerfully gives towards the REACH Project, we will be able to fully raise the 1.7 million dollars needed. This project is not about equal giving but equal sacrifice. Not everyone will be able to give the same amount, but with everyone doing their part, we should be able to take this mountain. However much money we commit together will determine how much of this vision we will accomplish. As gifts begin coming in they will be directed towards these strategic priorities:

1. Lima campus sanctuary upgrades necessary to move to a multisite model.

2. Henrietta campus renovations, lease and launch.

3. Further repairs and needed upgrades to our Lima campus (specifically our parking lot and children’s ministry upgrades).

4. Paying down our current Lima campus mortgage so that EGC would no longer be carrying a building mortgage by 2020.

5. Southwest campus renovations, lease and launch.

How long will EGC be paying on our current Lima campus mortgage?

Our mortgage note is scheduled to be paid off by 2022. We plan to keep putting extra money toward our principal payments so that we can shave off two years from this note and be mortgage free by 2020!

What happens if more than our immediate need amount is raised?

Should we surpass our current vision’s immediate needs, we will direct those funds towards future expansion and renovation projects. Such projects would include the finishing off the Lower Level of our current Youth Wing and the funding of future campus locations.

How can I pray for Elim Gospel Church and its future?

This is simple.

1. Pray this prayer every day: “Jesus, please give me your heart for people who don’t know you yet. Help me to courageously do whatever it takes to REACH them with your transforming love.”

2. Pray for our church: Pray that everyone at EGC will seek God and what it means for them and their families to commit to participate in this vision.

3. Pray for the leaders of EGC: Pray for our pastors, elders and leaders to be models of an “others first” lifestyle. Pray that they will clearly communicate the vision and obediently follow where God is leading

What’s the vision for EGC in one sentence?

To state it simply, our 2020 vision is 3, 300, 3,000.

Ok, so take that a little bit further… Our vision is to partner with God in becoming one church meeting in many locations. We believe God is calling us to become a multicultural, multigenerational, multisite church that brings the transforming love of Christ to thousands of people both locally and globally by establishing 3 thriving ministry campuses and 300 reproducing community groups that will better enable us to REACH 3,000 people each weekend. We feel our primary “circle of responsibility” is the people living in Livingston, Monroe and Ontario counties.

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“It’s an awesome risk, and I love being part of the challenge!”

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